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🔗 A student asked how I keep us innovative. I don't.

Last week, I did a Q&A session for a friend's security class. One of the students asked a question that I loved. They asked something like, "As a principal engineer, how do you make sure your company stays at the forefront of innovation?"

There are two reasons I love this question. The first is that it's a good and natural one, which I had early on too. The second is that it's unintentionally leading. It assumes you should be working at the leading edge of innovative technology.

And that's why my answer started with "I don't. I make sure we don't." A leading question gets a snappy answer! But that's not the whole story, of course.

The key is to understand why you don't want to be on the leading edge of innovation all the time, and also to understand when it's appropriate.

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