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πŸ”— An end-to-end ES/CQRS example with EventStoreDB and Phoenix/LiveView

Greetings to all Elixir enthusiasts!

I'm happy to present my take on implementing ES/CQRS systems with Phoenix/LiveView and EventStoreDB. I believe those pieces of technology grew from the same conceptual root and are a great match.

If you have ever felt joy from expressing a dimension of time with GenServer or satisfaction from LiveView's stateful nature, you will feel right at home. For everyone else - welcome aboard, and let's see where we can get by the end of the text.

This post is dedicated to all developers who suffered from what starts as an innocuous status field and then is sequenced into a series of entities, one per state transition, bound together by an invisible spell passed onto newcomers with the words "Oh, that…"

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