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🔗 Build A Route Planner For Maps Using Python

In this article I use the metric system, where 1 meter = 3.28 feet. I also talk about highways. Here I use the definition in British English, where highway refers to any path with a public right of access.

We are all familiar with the existence of route planners like google maps or OpenStreetMaps (OSM), that allows us to get the shortest path between two points in space. With OSM and it's read-only API Overpass we can get very detailed information about a chosen region, including streets roads and ways, but also information like if a street is illuminated, if a bus stop has a bank or which bars are in the region. This opens the door to the possibility to not only calculate a route based on distance, but also to use other criteria like prioritizing illuminated streets or the estimated quietness, so I wrote a web application to do exactly this.

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