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🔗 Dummy load balancer in a single Go script

I was curious to see if I could prototype a simple load balancer in a single Go script. Go's standard library and goroutines make this trivial. Here's what the script needs to do:

  • Spin up two backend servers that'll handle the incoming requests.

  • Run a reverse proxy load balancer in the foreground.

  • The load balancer will accept client connections and round-robin them to one of the backend servers; balancing the inbound load.

  • Once a backend responds, the load balancer will relay the response back to the client.

  • For simplicity, we'll only handle client's GET requests.

Obviously, this won't have SSL termination, advanced balancing algorithms, or session persistence like you'd get with Nginx or Caddy. The point is to understand the basic workflow and show how Go makes it easy to write this sort of stuff.

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