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🔗 Fast Full-text Search with PGroonga, Postgres, and Elixir

We're Indie Courses, the video course platform for indie creators. We help you sell your online courses quickly and give you the tools and knowledge to make more sales than you would elsewhere. No marketing degree needed.

Our goal at Indie Courses is to offer creators the most advanced tools for hosting and selling their video courses. One of them is auto-transcription.

When you upload a video course, we create AI-generated subtitles, transcripts, and chapters for every single lesson using AssemblyAI. After you publish your course, students can search through all transcripts of all lessons through a single search bar. This makes it super easy to find the parts in your video course where you discuss specific technologies or topics.

We implemented the full-text search of all lesson transcripts using the Postgres extension pgroonga. Here's how we use the extension from Elixir.

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