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🔗 Generative AI for Contracts

Generative AI models are not new, but when ChatGPT was launched on 30th Nov '22, it felt like a seminal moment in adoption of AI. Since then, our teams have been playing around with the OpenAI chat interface / playground / APIs while our leadership has been busy talking to as many contract professionals as possible.

We had two objectives:

  1. Define the specific high value application of these extremely powerful AI models (called as LLMs or Large Language Models) in contracts
  2. Figure out how to extract the best output from these models and integrate that elegantly into contract workflows

In this article, we start by sharing two examples of powerful application of ChatGPT on complex contract analysis work. We then share our ideas on the most impactful applications of Generative AI in contract management. Finally, we share a sneak peek of how we are integrating OpenAI APIs into our Microsoft Word based product.

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