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🔗 Offload the majority of requests to your database with our newest update to Standby Nodes

Standby Nodes have always been a great failsafe—if your database fails for any reason, a constantly replicated and completely up-to-date Standby Node is there, ready and waiting, to take its place. But what about when your database is functioning fine?

In addition to replication, you can now use your Standby Nodes as Read-Only Nodes! Using an API connection string, you can offload requests to your Standby Nodes and free up your primary database to manage only mission-critical requests. As long as your primary database and Standby Nodes are housed in the same data center, Standby Nodes now operate as Read-Only Nodes. (For read-only requests in a different data center, you'll still need to use Read-Only Nodes, specifically.)

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