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🔗 How-to Evaluate a Product Roadmap, for Engineers

Aka, how do I know if a product manager knows what they're doing?

There are thousands of articles, courses, and guides on how to build a roadmap for product managers. Even with all these resources, roadmaps often become a point of contention between product managers and their stakeholders. There are very few guides for engineers, designers, or executives on how they should evaluate or engage with a product manager's roadmap. This post comes from a presentation I put together to answer a simple but difficult question I received from an engineer recently: what makes a great product roadmap, and why? As a former software developer, I thought I was well-equipped to answer this question.

While primarily written for engineers, designers, executives, and other product stakeholders can use this guide to ask questions or discuss it with product leadership or the product manager. For product managers, use this as a checklist to evaluate your roadmaps as you're building them or to engage with your stakeholders.

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