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🔗 I Made This Website Using HTMX + Go in One Month, Here's What I Learned

One and a half month ago, I learned the existence of this new fancy pants technology that was called HTMX. It basically tried to answer the question "What if JavaScript does not take over the world?" and giving us another attempts to be the antidote in this hyper-javascript-driven web development that has reach fever level insanity.

I personally has always been on the sideline watching the front-end web being reinvented every 6 months, as I myself was not a Web Dev. I primarily was an Android Dev but only switched to Backend in the past 2 years.

I wasn't particularly want to learn Web Dev due to how JavaScript are 1) Mind Numbing, and 2) Contagious, as once you adopt JavaScript, everything becomes JavaScript. But I kept wanting some part of those Fullstack Pie. This is where HTMX intrigues me. I mean, side-stepping JavaScript and brings back old Web 1.0 development but "M O D E R N"? Hell yeah..?!

Now, long story short, I made myself a simple website that acts as a personal blog, this very place where you read this very story. I originally intended this to be just a one off project, but I fell in love with how it works that I kept going at it until I suddenly have usable blogging tools.

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