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🔗 influxdb officially made the switch from Go => Rust

A watchful Redditor posts to /r/rust:

Looks like influxdb flipped the switch, deleted all the Go code, and is 99.5% Rust now!

And InfluxDB co-founder/CTO replied with a detailed post on why they made the switch and their multi-year journey to arrive at this milestone. The "why" (which Paul calls the normal reasons) include:

  • No garbage collector
  • Fearless concurrency (thanks Rust compiler)
  • Performance
  • Error handling
  • Crates
  • And, of course, he felt compelled to answer for The Big Rewrite itself, saying:

I realize people think we're insane to rewrite the database yet again, but it's one of those things where hindsight is 20/20. If I knew then what I know now, I would have made different choices, but we also didn't have the same tools available in 2013 when we started it. I'm very confident that what we've landed on now is a very solid foundation that we can build on for many years.

As long as I'm at Influx, it's going to be the last rewrite we'll ever need. I definitely don't have the stamina for another one ;)

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