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To use images from a private repository on hub.docker.com, you need to add a secret containing the credentials for accessing that repository. This can be done via the kubectl command:

1$ kubectl create secret docker-registry <my-secret-name> \
2    --docker-server=docker.io \
3    --docker-username=<your-docker-username> \
4    --docker-password=<your-docker-password> \
5    --docker-email=<your-docker-email>

If the secret already exists and you want to update it, you first need to delete it:

1$ kubectl delete secret <my-secret-name>

When you then define a deployment, you can use the imagePullSecrets option in the deployment yaml to indicate which secret needs to be used to grab the docker image:


 1apiVersion: apps/v1
 2kind: Deployment
 4  name: my-deployment
 5  labels:
 6    app: my-deployment
 8  replicas: 1
 9  selector:
10    matchLabels:
11      app: my-deployment
12  template:
13    metadata:
14      labels:
15        app: my-deployment
16    spec:
17      containers:
18      - name: my-deployment
19        image: <my-docker-user>/<my-docker-private-repo<
20      imagePullSecrets:
21      - name: <my-secret-name>

The deployment can then be done using the apply command:

1$ kubectl apply -f my-deployment.yaml

You can read many more details about this on the kubernetes.io website.