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🔗 Laravel Queues with Other Languages

Learning multiple programming languages is good — there are a lot of benefits!

One such benefit is the ability to use what a language is strongest at. Some top-of-mind examples include Python's various data-munging libraries, or Go's concurrency tooling.

Now, you may want to use another language — but you likely aren't about to rewrite your app. Luckily, I have some ideas! They look a bit like micro-services, but aren't. Mostly.

What I like to do is sprinkle in other languages as part of my codebase's "plumbing" — stuff that happens unseen, in the background.

One way to go about this is with gRPC. This lets you call a function, which (in the background) makes a network call to some other codebase, and gets a response. It looks like you're making just any old function call, but it actually might be talking to another application. This is fun but gets complicated, relative to the 2nd idea.

That second idea: using queues! Queues are a tidy abstraction layer between languages because your codebase(s) can push or pull a job from a queue, and doesn't need to care about who is reading or writing those jobs.

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