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When I initially started using Kubernetes, I used the standard CLI tools to manage the cluster. They are OK, but I found it hard to remember the zillion number of commands and options it has.

I quickly moved to the Web UI dashboard. It was also kind of OK as it gave me a much more visual overview of what happens on a cluster. It also makes management of the pods and services easier. Still, it had too many quirks imho. Authentication is tricky to get right, getting performance data to show up is hard.

The search went on and then I stumbled upon an app called Lens. Finally, I found a client which ticked all the checkboxes.


The features I really like about it are:

  • It doesn't require you to install anything on the cluster to get it working.

  • It allows you to easily manage multiple clusters from one application.

  • If you want to have detailed statistics, it has a feature which allows you to easily install a completely configured Prometheus instance which is then used by the app to show all performance details.

  • It gives you quick and easy access to container logs, terminal sessions, …

You can get your free copy here.