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🔗 My PhpStorm configuration for Laravel and Vue

There are many resources already available for setting up your PhpStorm. For example the excellent course from Jeffrey Way on Laracasts, go watch it if you really want to make it your own!

But this is much more a reference for random people on the internet, colleagues or friends on how i setup my PhpStorm and we will mainly focus on the Tooling setup in this post. In the end I will also share some details on my color style customizations, where i will also share my customized Tokyo Night color scheme.

But why do you share this just now? Mainly because I got inspired to be sharing more because of the amazing talk "Publishing Your Work" from Aaron Francis.

Is this a perfect guide? No, and it will never be. Everything in this world is changing really fast and if I would let my perfectionism decide wether or not to publish this, you would still only find the ol' "First Post" on my "blog".

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