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🔗 Never say "no," but rarely say "yes."

Everyone says small startups require focus. Say "no" to anything that distracts from your goal, your vision, your strategy, tempting though it is to explore all opportunities, hoping each time that this is the one that will catapult you to "success" (whatever that is).

Lack of focus results in half-assed initiatives, each interrupted by apparently greener pastures before you've invested the time and devotion it deserves. Learn to say "no!"

Ah, but then again you must also experiment with new ideas. Fail fast! Pivot! Test! Doubt! Always be collecting evidence that you're wrong, always be trying new things in case you've been blind. Never pass up an opportunity to change, learn, grow.

So… how are you supposed to explore other ideas if you're also supposed to be saying "no" to anything that diverges from The Plan?

Here's what I do: I never say "no." But I carefully qualify "yes."

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