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🔗 Quick tip: A time-saving Makefile for your Go projects

Whenever I start a new Go project, one of the first things I do is create a Makefile in the root of my project directory.

This Makefile serves two purposes. The first is to automate common admin tasks (like running tests, checking for vulnerabilities, pushing changes to a remote repository, and deploying to production), and the second is to provide short aliases for Go commands that are long or difficult to remember. I find that it's a simple way to save time and mental overhead, as well as helping me to catch potential problems early and keep my codebases in good shape.

While the exact contents of the Makefile changes from project to project, in this post, I want to share the boilerplate that I'm currently using as a starting point. It's generic enough that you should be able to use it as-is for almost all projects.

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