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🔗 Rotating one or more pages in a PDF in linux

Had to rotate a single page of a PDF. Here's how to do it using pdftk.

  • rotate page 1 by 90 degrees clockwise:

    pdftk in.pdf cat 1east output out.pdf
  • To rotate all pages clockwise:

    pdftk in.pdf cat 1-endeast output out.pdf

The east etc. is meaningful if you want other rotations. From the man page:

The page rotation setting can cause pdftk to rotate pages and documents. Each option sets the page rotation as follows (in degrees): north: 0, east: 90, south: 180, west: 270, left: -90, right: +90, down: +180. left, right, and down make relative adjustments to a page's rotation.

Note: the single page instructions extract and rotate the page (i.e. the output document is the rotated page only).

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