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🔗 Skip the API, Ship Your Database

With Fly.io, you can get your app running globally in a matter of minutes, and with LiteFS, you can run SQLite alongside your app! Now we're introducing LiteFS Cloud: managed backups and point-in-time restores for LiteFS. Try it out for yourself!

My favorite part about building tools is discovering their unintended uses. It's like starting to write a murder mystery book but you have no idea who the killer is!

History is filled with examples of these accidental discoveries: WD-40 was originally used to protect ICBMs from rust and now it fixes your squeaky doorknob. Bubble wrap was originally sold as wallpaper and now it protects your Amazon packages.

When we started writing LiteFS, a distributed SQLite database, we thought it would be used to distribute data geographically so users in, say, Bucharest see response times as fast as users in San Jose. And for the most part, that's what LiteFS users are doing.

But we discovered another unexpected use: replacing the API layer between services with SQLite databases.

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