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🔗 The convenience of .NET

Convenient options are available for almost every task in life, from getting a ride to the airport to writing code. Convenience is the idea that a great solution is available when you want it and that it works for you. As designers of the .NET platform, we aim to provide convenient solutions for many tasks and to improve the convenience of writing apps with each new release.

This post kicks off a new series, exploring convenient solutions to common tasks. Productivity, performance, security, and reliability are hallmark design points of the .NET platform. We described them in detail in our recent Why .NET? post. Stephen Toub also published his annual performance post, Performance Improvements in .NET 8. This post (and the ones that will follow) explores the ideas and features discussed in those other posts in terms of convenient solutions. You'll see a combination of high-level utility APIs that offer a nice balance of those design points and lower-level APIs that enable you to achieve a different balance per your needs.

The next posts go into much more detail on specific API families, with a lot of code and performance numbers, to fully explore these convenient solutions.

Let's start the series with a more general exploration of how the .NET platform delivers on convenience.

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