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🔗 Using PHP CS Fixer in PhpStorm

In addition to built-in coding assistance, PhpStorm provides checking the source code through integration with the PHP CS Fixer tool, which detects coding standards problems in your code.

To use PHP CS Fixer from PhpStorm instead of the command line, you need to register it in PhpStorm and configure it as a PhpStorm code inspection. Once installed and enabled in PhpStorm, the tool is available in any opened PHP file, and no additional steps are required to launch it. The on-the-fly code check is activated upon every update in the file thus making it easy to get rid of discovered problems.

Issues reported by PHP CS Fixer on the fly are highlighted in the editor in the same way as the errors and warnings reported by PhpStorm's internal code inspections. When the tool is run in batch mode, the errors and warnings are displayed in the Problems tool window. Each message has the PHP CS Fixer prefix to distinguish it from PhpStorm internal inspections.

You can have predefined rules applied or define your own custom set of rules.

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