🔗 You're not lacking creativity, you're overwhelmed

Jorge Medina hits too close to home with this one:

You come home from work. Tired and looking to disconnect a bit with some entertainment. But you're faced with the choice: which streaming service do I use? I have 5. You choose one. Let's say Netflix. Now what?

The home screen welcomes you to a selection of titles. The thumbnails and titles all hyper-optimized for you to feel enticed to watch them. So you end up browsing mindlessly for 30 minutes until you settle on watching Friends again for the 894th time.

That's called decision fatigue; where the mental effort required to evaluate and choose between many options can be exhausting.

It's exhausting. It's an epidemic.

And it has turned us into digital hoarders

His advice? Curate to create. And how do you go about that? By building a curation system, of course! He goes on to lay out the CODE Framework (Capture, Organize, Distill, Express) as well as practical steps toward building your own curation system.

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