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🔗 Using checksums to verify syncing 100M database records

A common problem you've almost certainly faced is to sync two datastores. This problem comes up in numerous shapes and forms: Receiving webhooks and writing them into your datastore, maintaining a materialized view, making sure a cache reflects reality, ensure documents make it from your source of truth to a search index, or your data from your transactional store to your data lake or column store.

If you've built such a system, you've almost certainly seen B drift out of sync. Building a completely reliable syncing mechanism is difficult, but perhaps we can build a checksumming mechanism to check if the two datastores are equal in a few seconds?

In this issue of napkin math, we look at implementing a solution to check whether A and B are in sync for 100M records in a few seconds. The key idea is to checksum an indexed updated_at column and use a binary search to drill down to the mismatching records. All of this will be explained in great detail, read on!

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