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🔗 Static domains for all ngrok users

We are excited to announce the launch of one of our most requested features — static domains for our free users. Starting today, all users can claim one static domain for free.

Static domains are unique domains that are yours and don't change. With your free static domain, you can focus on developing your application, and no longer need to worry about broken links caused by agent restarts. There's no need to constantly keep updating webhook providers or mobile apps with new URLs or send new links to your team.

Our mission is to equip developers with a unified ingress platform to deliver applications and APIs across every stage of the application lifecycle - from test/dev through production environments.

Adding static domains to the free tier speeds up your dev/test flows and it also unlocks new production use cases. If you don't require a branded domain, you can now run your first production app on ngrok's free tier. This is suitable for pre-release versions or internal apps. You can always upgrade later to bring your own custom domain when you're ready to put it in front of customers.

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