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🔗 How to be a Good Codemate

Every year, millions of college first years become roommates with people they've never met before. There are no parents to set rules, and that one roommate who keeps on leaving their stuff everywhere, doesn't seem to understand that he's making everybody's life harder. Sometimes, one person does the thankless work of cleaning up after their roommates. Arguments erupt over allocation of duties, and the takeaway lesson is inevitably, "get your own place as soon as you can afford it".

A similar situation plays out in tech companies as recent graduates become codemates with engineers they've never met before. Normally there are "parents" (senior engineers) to supervise, but this isn't always the case. Maybe the company hired too many junior engineers; maybe the senior engineers are overloaded; maybe the senior engineers can't or won't mentor. For junior engineers in these situations, here is a crash course on How To Be a Good Codemate.

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